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Perhaps you have heard that gratitude is key to “getting unstuck?” But what does that mean, exactly? And how does it work?

Being stuck generally refers to feeling as if you are in a rut. This may be the result of feeling as though the progression of your goals is not where you’d like it to be. You can get stuck in a low mood, poor self-esteem, worries and anxieties, or disappointments. Getting stuck often results in our waiting on some external force, situation, or person to change. Getting unstuck, then, requires accepting that change can originate from within. Research tell us that 16% of respondents noted they perceive something out of the ordinary is required for them to feel gratitude. But, this 16% may have more power over ways to increase happiness than previously thought. But, how?

When you learn to practice gratitude, or learn meditation, you usually learn that gratitude can increase happiness by fighting fear. This tied closely to anxiety. Focusing on fears of things that might happen can get you stuck because you are not focused on the present. By keeping your focus on gratitude for what already is, you can more easily stay in the present and get unstuck.

Gratitude also helps keep your attention focused on all that is going well. Personal life coaching can help you exercise this muscle. When your attention stays on your progress, it becomes easier to see all that is good, rather than getting stuck on what may be a challenge.

Gratitude also increases your happiness by opening your awareness to possibilities and opportunities. It’s difficult to see new perspectives when you feel in a rut. Gratitude shows you new angles and views, leading to discovering new alternatives and previously hidden options.

As you begin to make these discoveries, positive energy builds along with your desire to pursue newly found opportunities. Increased motivation means you are energized to chase progress and make the internal changes that can drive external change.

Listening to podcasts about gratitude is a great, easy way to help you make gratitude a regular practice and habit. Over time, the habit becomes more internalized and automatic, improving your overall mood on a consistent basis, which in turn prevents getting stuck.

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