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I was reading through this amazing quote book given to me by one of my favorite friends, titled: “Sunbeams” and the above quote jumped off the page to me. There are many types of prayer. One type of prayer is just like the above, it’s an “Asking Prayer”. Sometimes it sounds like:


“Oh God, please help me, give me this one thing, and I’ll be good, really, you’ll see, pleeeeease help meeeeeee.”


We call that the “beggars prayer”. Think about the vibration it sends out to the Universe. However, we CAN ask for something without begging for it, ya? We could try something such as:


“Mother Father Source, from whence I have come, I am ready to receive your gifts. I stake my claim as a divine being and I fully accept all that I am ready to receive. I know it’s coming. I live in Faith; in fact, I know it’s already here. You know what I need before I even think it. You always give me the best of all that is. I am blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


The above is still asking but also has an assertive appreciation for knowing what is coming, knowing it does not have to beg and that in fact begging simply takes us away from all our power. We must claim who we can be, what we want for our business, for our lives. Just as the quote above elucidates, we get what we ask for in the WAY it is asked. So, with all that said:


How do you Pray?

How do you ask for the things, feelings, and experiences you want to live?

As a beggar?

As a Divine Creator?

Somewhere in between?


What you have done in the past does not matter. What matters is what you do in the Now.


In Prayer,




Photo credit: AlicePopkorn / / CC BY-NC-SA

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