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LOABC_hug_1It’s not a bad idea, right? Have you been making sure that your business feels loved? Well, I for one think it’s a great idea to Hug Your Business Today! (T-shirts anyone?)


Don’t we all enjoy an encouraging word, a pat on the back, a ‘good job!’? I know I sure do.


Energetically, I think we could all use some good business lovin’! If we want it to grow, be healthy, happy and produce a nice big fat pay check for us, we’ve just got to give our businesses some really sweet attention.


When is the last time you have taken your business out on the date? The last time I gave that advice, the next day the woman inherited $35,000!


Are you at Peace with what is? Being OK with where your business is at this now moment is super important if you want to be able to grow, expand and be more successful. If we are always reaching, well, we will fall over! 🙂


OK, I am sure you see the running theme here, if we want our business to be good to us, we need to be good to it. We are good to our businesses by:


1. Making sure we are following through on our own self care program.

Massage, yoga, the gym, meditation, healthy food, whatever floats your boat but something GOOD FOR YOU.


2. Be focused on solutions.

Hey, I get it, we all have issues in our businesses that can improve, however, if we just beat the drum of “I don’t like it” we will just get more of the same. Let’s focus on Solutions, not the problem.


3. Network!

Listen, I know you are not always in the mood, me neither. However, referrals are how I have grown my business and I have gotten many dozens that have turned into great, loyal, generous clients.


4. Clear the clutter and get organized!

Trust me, this is one of the hardest ones for me but when I clean and clear, I feel so much lighter, my business runs smoother and the money starts rolling in!


5. Loving your Self, is Loving your Business.

Yeah, I know #1 was self care and #5 is self love, and that’s how important I think both of these are.

If you can generate some truly authentic, emotional love for yourself and appreciation for what you have created, the joy, success and powerful alignment that can come from that will rock your world, I promise!


Well, if you like these points, I wrote a WHOLE LOA Business Workbook, that goes much deeper and will walk you through the steps on how to “LOA Your Business”.


Huggin My Biz,



Photo credit: Nastassia Davis [] / / CC BY-NC

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