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“Begin to feel your body, the weight, the force of gravity on the body. Just notice how this body feels without judgement or criticism or any opinion at all.”

Notice the sensations that you are feeling as you begin to relax, and you become more aware of the moment we are in right now. Take the opportunity to notice something that you’ve never noticed before.

It’s very simple, very rewarding. This meditation thing can be a lot of fun. You become more aware of the moment we are in right now. Being able to see, touch, taste, smell, to hear your life. It’s divine to have this breath moving through you. In and out. Moment by moment. Your whole life.

Be here, settling, relaxing, grounding. The tension in the body. See if you can bring the idea of relaxation to that tense area of the body and see what happens. Continue relaxing to the moment. Think of being grateful of the present moment.

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