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Ok in full disclosure I repurposed this title from, one of my favorite beers, Guinness. 23 years ago when I was in Ireland, I saw big on a billboard: “Guinness is Good For You!” And it always stuck with me how simple yet genius it was as a slogan. So, I am going to use it here as well because Gratitude is simple, easy, strengthening and leads to real deep long lasting happiness.

“Gratitude is Good For You!”

Is that simple

It’s that easy.

If you get grateful, thankful, appreciative you will be given the reward immediately. If it isn’t immediate that means you’re not actually doing it.

Making lists is nice but it’s not feeling grateful. It’s just writing a list of words with the ego in charge. Actual thankfulness activates the emotions, opens the heart, awakens us to feeling good again.

What are you waiting for?

Get Grateful!


PS – In case your not sure how to do this, here is a link to my book on “Living Gratitude: A Simple Path to Happiness” and below is a list of free podcasts I have done on the subject of Gratitude and Appreciation:
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