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During Christmas week for some reason I was really focused on Forgiveness. One reason could be that I have been studying A Course In Miracles.

I was also journaling on the subject in a note to my son, Patrick, and what I wrote really surprised me. “Forgiveness is one the best things life has to offer, never give up an opportunity to be forgiven or to be forgiving.” As I reread what I wrote, I was struck by the power in that statement and how it could be applied to just about any walk of life including our businesses.

As Entrepreneurs, we put a ton of pressure on ourselves, we work hard, put in endless hours (not that we need to do this but we often tend to do so, more on this later) perform super efforts to move the perceived mountains in our way.

Have you forgiven yourself and/or your business lately, or ever?! I sure have. It’s taken the pressure off, created a feeling of relief and lightness, that can only be described as very Freeing. Isn’t that at least in some part what all of us want? Freedom.

Most entrepreneurs choose to be their own boss because they want that freedom– I know that is a big one for me. However, I think on the energetic level, the vibration level, the emotional level, many of us also want Inner Freedom. Freedom from worry, anxiety, concerns stressors, etc.

The act of Forgiveness is without question one of the most powerful creators of Freedom that I have ever experienced. Why not use it for our lives and our businesses? I know you may be saying: “C’mon Matt, I am a business person, who has time for this air-y fairy stuff.” Of course, I hear you, I understand where you are coming from. However, being someone who used to be super stressed about work, business, etc I can tell you from experience that Forgiveness is one of the least expensive investments you can ever make and it is one of the most astounding return on your time investment you will ever make. I promise you that!



PS – If you feel like you don’t know how to forgive or you are unsure of how to go about it, check out these resources:

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