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This is how the idea to write this blog post came in….”Not Just How to Focus, but….”


LOL! I laugh at my own mind sometimes. It had no intro, no easing into the idea, but flew in with the next level.


Ah, good times. 🙂 This is a pretty broad subject so I have decided to start a blog series all about FOCUS….


“Focus” is of course, a very interesting trigger word when you are someone who is aiming to become more conscious, awake and emotionally aware. (LOL! Success has new meaning for me.)


I really enjoy the opportunity to write about these subjects, not just so others can read them, but because it’s a huge opportunity to attempt to write for my Self and an audience simultaneously.


It’s a fantastic experience of self exploration and is a way to be honest about my experiences and share them in a way that can be read by others that I may never meet, speak to, or even know that they visited this page.


And to know that some of my friends, colleagues, peers, Social Media connections, etc will actually read them…


may even want to like, comment etc which could take the conversation viral and then who knows who will see it, read it, be affected by it, repelled by it, etc.




What do you Focus on daily?


In each moment where are you….really?


We all have our own secret truth to that. I believe that honing our ability to ‘focus’ has clearly been one of the most important aspects to performing ‘historical greatness’; the people who we pass stories on about throughout the decades, centuries and millennia.


Having the ability to focus, like Emerson, Einstein, Jesus, Buddha, Lincoln, Washington, Lao Tze, the Gurus of India, etc. seems to have one of (potentially dozens)  simple correlations. One of those is:

good ol stick-to-itness/focus


You can focus on whatever you want, and if you can keep your focus there, unwavering, you can do something great, or die trying and there are lots of good examples of this throughout the history books.


Focus is one of the things which unites us and it is also what separates us. (Tweet this)


I ask again:


What are you focusing on?





Photo credit: helgabj / / CC BY

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