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This idea sounds so simple, right? However, we all know that just because something is simple it doesn’t mean its easy. I agree. Whole Heartedly. The truth is, if we want real, lasting happiness we must be ready to put some work in. It can be loads of fun, but there are also moments that we need to persevere, overcome, come back to it again and again. If you are not willing to put at least some real conscious efforts into something how can you expect real powerful results? The beauty of it is that when we focus on joy, love, happiness, fun, laughter, ecstasy, fulfilment, success, self love, connection, and the like that type of energy is immediately moving through our lives. If we can be consciously aware of ourselves, you will feel it, see it and get to enjoy all the beauty it brings. However, if you give up after 30 seconds, or a a few minutes, how can you expect to receive the benefits?
How much do you benefit for going on a 30 second jog?
How many health benefits do you get from eating 3 peas?
If you have a test and you study for 1 minute will you do well?
Its the same with our Happiness Practice, if you focus on it for a few seconds you will get the same in return. Thats what life is, we get what we put into it. If you put in worry, doubt, fear, stress, what will you get back? If you put in 30 seconds of joy, its nice but what will you get in return?
Now imagine an hour of joy, fun, happiness, laughing, and pleasure? What will THAT feel like?
Its not rocket science! 
Its the simplest formula in the world:
Your Focus = Your Life.
Happiness = Happiness.
What are you waiting for?! Go get Happy! In case you want to learn more about feeling good and being happy, I did a whole podcast for you on the subject, listen in and tell me what you think! i would love to hear from you, just email me here:
I Am Happy,
PS – Did you know I wrote a book? Its Living Gratitude: A Simple Path to Happiness, you can get it here:
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