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I speak to dozens of people about their businesses every week. It hit me recently that most small business owners do not have:


1. A Business Plan

2. A Marketing Plan

3. A Self Care Plan


WOW! Can you really expect to be truly successful if you’re not taking care of yourself or your business?


Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you need a traditional business plan or marketing plan. I am not even saying you need to have had it updated in the last 6 months (although that would be nice) I am just saying…Come on.


Where is the flow going to come from?


How can you expect different results from making the same mistakes?!


If you start with some consistent self care, you can always be well, healthy, and alive enough to get around to your Business Plan and Marketing Plan.


Are you ready to do that for yourself?


For those you love most?


For your business? (You could always start with the LOA Business Workbook too!)


Are you ready to start choosing what is best for you?


Well, if you listen to this Matt and Phil Show on Vibrational Medicine it could be a good start to getting you well on your way to a beautiful self care plan that inspires you enough to start taking good care of your business too.


Remember, we all have to start somewhere.




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