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If you know what your focusing on, moment by moment, you can always course correct your life where you want it to go. Are you focused on Love or Stress? Success or Doubt?  Happiness or Worry? Its all really quite simple, however, putting it into consistent daily practice seems to be where we have a tough time.
About 20 years ago, my first true spiritual teacher said this to me: “Matthew, if you learn how to consciously direct your focused attention, in all things in your life, your life will be exactly what you want it to be.” How true he spoke that fateful day. (Thank you, Sir!)
Well, this Free Podcast on “Focusing” should be a big help. Give it a listen and give me some feedback on what you think about it. Was it helpful to you? If so, why? If not, Why not?
As always, I appreciate you Podcast Listeners like crazy. We are almost up to over 350,000 downloads. Wow. 🙂
Focusing on My Appreciation for You,
PS – Check out this very cool article on Focusing: The Four Basic Moves to Strengthen Focus
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