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One of the most important lessons that I believe we can learn in this life (at least for me and one that I explore on a regular basis) is the idea of: “No Separation”. Not between others, not with our business or job, not with the government, not with what we see, hear, etc.

If we have created our own lives, then how can there be separation? There can’t be, right? Somehow, someway, karma, thought, feeling, etc brought all we see as our lives into our lives from US (The United States of YOU).

The Abraham-Hicks teaching does a really great job of exploring this idea in many of their sessions. Last week, Phil and I did a whole show on the first 5 aspects of the Abraham-Hicks philosophy listed on their site. We will go through the rest tomorrow nite…


If we can really get the idea deep down into our ‘Soul Bones’ that:

Our businesses are simply just an extension of who we are.

(just like as Abraham says: we as humans are simply an extension of who we are in Spirit) then every time we develop Ourselves, expand our Minds, share Abundance, etc. we are doing the exact same thing for our business.

Very enlightening information, the simplicity, the beauty, the truth really abounds in this information. We did a 70 minute show on it and I hope you enjoy it. Would love your feedback on this one because it felt really powerful to me!

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