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Last week I wrote a post on fear, entitled: What Are You Afraid Of? Which in some cases is really important for us entrepreneurs to explore. Our fears are just another way to know ourselves and I am sure glad that I continue to embrace and aim to overcome my fears. I wanted to come up with the juxtaposition of that post so I came up with this title: What’s the Best in Your Business?

Clarity can come in many forms and one area that I really enjoy focusing my attention on is ‘the best of the best’ in my business. Below are a few examples of what I mean:

  • I am so grateful for the 8 – 10 referrals I have received in the past week!
  • I am very appreciative of how my team members aim to be one step ahead of me, anticipating my needs so we can grow fast.
  • I absolutely love receiving feedback like this recent testimonial:


“I cannot say enough about the awesome Matt O’ Grady. I did several self-love sessions with Matt and I can honestly say my life has changed.  He was able to ask me questions and get into the heart of what was going on. He offered me many easy and practical techniques for me to practice. Overall I just felt completely supported and rooted for, which in a self-love practice I think is critical. He was also able to open my mind up to some new concepts that help me ease into life just that much more. After each session I went better and more confident about my daily life. Ease, peace, calmness, and joy are the ways I would describe working with Matt. The sessions have been invaluable and I know I will be working with him in the future. Thank you, Matt!” – Paige K. from Utah


It doesn’t matter whether you want to focus on, new business, profits, or the examples I have above, however, simply focusing on the ‘Best’ that you have in your business can really start to generate some high level mojo for you and your business. Just writing these few samples, (especially re-reading that kick ass testimonial!) lifted me up and had me feeling better than I was just moments before.

How often do you do this in your business? I recommend doing this at least once a week, and why not do it once a day for 5 minutes? Some days I will do it for 5-10 minutes several times in one day, simply rampaging with appreciation about all the aspects that I am grateful for and that are super charged with appreciation. This is also great to do when you are having one of those terrible days. It can turn things around in a matter of minutes!

Try this out and let me know what you think about this exercise. I have 100% confidence if you practice this on a regular basis it will become a staple for how you in get into the ‘happy place’ about your business!

Isn’t one of the best things, Being Happy?





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