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Last week I was sitting in meditation during the last few minutes of my Ashtangha yoga class (at Balance Yoga in Huntington, NY) listening to my teacher Stacy Plaske (who is A-mazing!) share the closing words for our session as she uttered this divine wisdom:

“Be grateful for giving your Self this gift.”

Bells, whistles, heart fluttering, and a literal feeling of awakening and lightness poured over and through me as I deepened my already very close relationship with the divine gift of Gratitude. I felt my heart shift, expand, and appreciation for my Self and all others came through in an instant.

Thank you Stacy, in that moment, you were more a Goddess to me than you ever have been and that is saying a lot! 🙂

I was also given the gift of being able to share this ‘private’ class and powerful experience with one of my closest friends, Susi. I felt as if we were the divine triangle, the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang, the teacher and the students, the One and its parts. To go through such a thorough yoga session, integrating mind, body, emotions, spirit, to sweat, to have my heart beat deeply, to manage my breath, chant Om, relax and breath into the movements of my body and then have this “Ahhhhhhh” Thank-full-filled moment at the end of the class, during meditation, truly uplifted me for days after.


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Trust me, I could go on for pages explaining more about this experience, however, in an effort to keep my posts brief and to the point, I will suffice to say that I am ever of the faithful in my Gratitude practice. It is something that really got started 16 years ago in one of the saddest darkest times of my life. I was blessed to be given such a gift during such a painful time. It was a literal lifeline that has changed my life forever.

A daily, sincere, authentic gratitude practice could be all you need to take your business to the next level. In fact it could be all you need to take your whole life to the next level.

I discuss this and much more in my new book:

The Law of Attraction Business Workbook:

Your Guide to Allowing Your Success!

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Thanks again, for sharing that moment with me, Stacy and Susi. I sincerely appreciate it.






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