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I am excited to present to you an interview that I did with Author Mercedes Fox. She had recently interviewed me, you can see that here: Meet Author Matt O’Grady
Here is her interview, if you are interested in cool, up and coming authors, I think you will appreciate this very much:

What inspired you to become a writer?

•  I’ve wanted to write since childhood. My mother is a voracious reader. I wanted to be someone who wrote stories to entertain.

What is your favorite topic to write and/or read about?

•  Werewolves of course

Describe the feeling when you are in the zone and the words are flowing and the writing is all going so smooth…

•  I zone out. I become full immersed in my world. I block everything else out. It’s my hands that usually make me stop. When the pain in my wrists starts screaming I quit.

What advice would you give to a new writer?

•  Don’t think you don’t need an editor. Get a real editor, not just anyone to correct/read your work.

What has been your most successful marketing tool or strategy to sell your books online?

•  I’m on Goodreads, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. editor, not just anyone to correct/read your work. I’d have to say tweeting seems to be my best marketing. It makes a huge difference to be on Goodreads actively as well. I’ve read that many authors don’t care for Twitter. But I can honestly say I’ve watched my sales change when I’m tweeting or not.

What is next for you? A book, event or program?

•  Another book in the Vengeance of the Werewolf series

What was your journey like from ‘want to become a writer’ to ‘becoming one’?

•  Very simple, I wrote the story and self published it.

Who is your favorite writer and why?  
•  JK Rowling because has the power to make me disappear from reality and fall into a world full of magic.
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