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Twenty years ago I was super depressed and very sad. I was unhappy with my life. I decided to see if I could change it. And for the past twenty years, I’ve been on a journey of self-development and self- exploration, creating a spiritual practice from what I’ve learned. I want to share my knowledge with you because I’m astounded that more people don’t follow this path.

It’s really easy to forget we have a choice. We always have a choice.

In this moment, you can choose to think, and therefore feel, differently about any person or any subject if you have the awareness and the willingness to do so.

When I was able to embrace that, I suddenly had a drastically different outlook on life. I like to be with people. I like to be in the world. I love my family, friends, working with my clients, connecting, speaking, listening. I’m excited about the present and the future and I’m grateful for my past.

Doors open when you live with a positive mindset.

Let’s look at Perspective and Attitude.

Perspective is how we look at something from an intellectual standpoint, be it our relationships, body, minds. And attitude is the emotional quotient of how we’re experiencing or responding to that something.

We have a perspective and an attitude about everything in our lives: family, friends, work, passion projects, communities, connections.

Let’s do a quick gratitude exercise to understand shifting perspective and attitude.

Think of an integral person in your life: your spouse, parent, best friend, co-worker, etc. And think about how you feel toward that person. Maybe you wish they would be kinder, treat you better, communicate better, are there more often, respond differently.

Instead of focusing on what you want to change about that person, change your perspective and ask yourself what about that relationship you are grateful for.

Even if just for a few moments, your perspective and attitude surrounding that person completely changed. In an instant.

We often forget how powerful we are, how strong we are.

We are divine beings and we have great potential.

Although, until you’re ready to shift your perspective and attitude, you’re stuck. It’s the nature of this life. Make an empowered choice to do this for yourself. Become aware of how you think about a person or a situation and shift it. You have that power, that choice, anytime.

It’s a simple concept, but you must be willing to do it, which makes all the difference. You’re going to have an equal amount of resistance in your head that says it’s too hard. But it’s not really true, you just make it true.

Along with perspective and attitude shifts, I practice self-awareness. I have zero resistance to this practice because it’s proven to me time and again how helpful it is to my life.

I encourage you to explore.

Stop living a compartmentalized life and instead become more grateful, loving, generous, open, compassionate. Because you will be empowered. And empowered equals connected.

Remember we are both creatives and creators. We can and do change the world. We matter.

Good things happen from remembering our empowerment.

If you want to shift and change, it’s not that hard. 
Practice emotions like patience, happiness and love over regret, fear and anger.

Remember you can change any moment.
 Remember your empowerment.

Change your life. Start now.

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