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The idea of loving ourselves can often get confusing, the term over used, and the practice fleeting at best. Truth is, it’s a pretty deep subject. Even after having some semblance of this kind of practice in my life over the last 20 years, I can still find it to be challenging. Wanting to take blame, or criticizing myself, wanting to do better but in a guilty or in a ‘should of’ kind of way. However, when I am awake and aware this just seems silly. It’s amazing how different our perspective can be when we are clear, feeling good, and connected, living from the vortex not from a lesser point of view. Please note, this Self Love we speak of is not ego exercise, on how great I am or anything like that. Its simply joyfully accepting, and appreciating who we really are in the present moment. The quote above can help, I recommend reading it several times, slowly, taking it in down deep, then listening to the podcast link below.
This podcast explores 3 separate Abraham quotes having to do with the Art and Beauty of Self Love. I hope you enjoy…
Love: Its the Key that unlocks the Door…
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