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“I hate to burst your bubble, you are definitely not in a receptive mode of all you desire if you’re in a worried state.”

How do you get into a receptive mode? It’s so direct. It’s a mode in which you receive what you are looking for, whatever that may be. Turn your attention to what feels better. Allow yourself to feel that.

If you want to be in a receptive mode, you must learn how to focus your attention and practice awareness. You must know what you’re thinking or feeling and be patient invest our time and attention in staying in that mode for as long as possible, so we can see the manifestation of our desires.

A state of always aiming to feel better. Think of a better feeling thought. It’s very simple to re-direct your direction. Fear and doubt will be distractions and will prevent you from being in a receptive mode. Be the captain of your own life.




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