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There is no better place than this very moment. Do you agree?


I sure hope so. The present moment is much, much more than a cliché on a fridge magnet.


It is always the most powerful place to be. Everyday, every week, month and year. Always has been and always will be. 


In the present moment we can focus our attention on:

creating our future

receiving abundance

feeling love, relief, satisfaction

resolving our past

and vibrating whatever it is we want.


When we forget that this is our ‘Sweet Spot’, it’s hard to feel good about our lives. We are moving too fast. We’re not remembering who we really are, and our doubt, worry and anxiety is often taking over our lives.


Does that sound like a productive way to be? Is that going to help your business? I bet it doesn’t. Want to try a different path?


A path where life feels good no matter what you see?


How about a path that when you wake up you can’t wait to jump into the day and get started on your dream business.


Walk with me on the path of relief, appreciation, abundance and freedom.


Living Presently,



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