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So, after the Living Gratitude book launch and the holiday, I really wanted to do something that was focused on Gratitude. Its often easy to do during the holidays with Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Festival of Lights and such there is so much focus on Gratitude. However, once the New Year hits it’s all about Resolutions, Losing Weight, and well….less about Gratitude.
However, I believe that Gratitude is one of the greatest tools to help bring all we hope for into our lives. In fact, I know it to be true. Gratitude helps us focus, helps us release negative energy, helps us focus on the good, positive, inspiring us to realize what we want most.
Therefore, I wanted to create something will take us through 6 sustained weeks of Gratitude. Exploring it deeply, Feeling Great throughout, Changing our Lives to a Thankful Mindset, always looking for and expecting things to be Grateful for. This Appreciation Consciousness is extremely helpful to anyone willing to commit to the practice.
I explain the whole program in much more detail here: 6-Week Virtual Group Coaching Program
With gratitude
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