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Breath-of-Life-God-Yahweh-Oxygen-O2-Explained-Animals-Humans-PlantsAre you Alive?

It’s a miracle being alive, ya’know.

Do you live that way day in and day out? That you are a living breathing miracle?


Well, you are.


Really, it’s true. Don’t believe me? I can show you right now. It’s easy really. We simply need to intend to experience it.


Our Directed Attention that we use as we are ‘intending’ to do any act is what brings us through the experience. Just as you intend to do anything for your business, your directed attention is what brings your actions Alive.


However, what if we had a REALLY simple intention and that was to feel the most liveliness we can muster for a few moments? This practice can bring GREAT benefits to your life and business, here is a short list:

  • relieve stress immediately
  • increase your energy
  • clear your mind
  • feel more grounded
  • help you make important decisions


You know what my mantra is by now, right?


You are Your Business.


Therefore, if we take this to be true, the more Alive you are, the more Alive your business will be! C’mon, this sounds awesome, right?! 🙂


Some call this an Awareness practice; some call it the warrior meditation, and so on. For our purposes today let’s call it ‘Being Alive’.


Below are steps to take to have this experience:


1. Sit in a comfortable chair, spine straight, eyes open. Hands on your thighs.

2. Feel the weight of your body, the force of gravity acting upon you. Where your body touches the chair.

3. Begin to watch the natural processes of the body, the 5 senses, the heart pumping, the blood flowing, the life giving breath.

4. Simply sit, relax and watch your natural Aliveness unfold before your mind. Connect deeply with yourself, and allow.

5. Continue this for at least 3-5 minutes as you become more and more aware of what being alive really is for you. Gently, with self care and awareness move from this exercise to whatever is best for you to do next.


Vibrating Aliveness,



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