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“Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts.” – Mohandas Gandhi

Well, Gandhi sure has a way of getting right to the point. Intentions are Powerful, just ask Gandhi!  Did you make any intentions for the new year? I know that I did and know that my life is better because of that action. Here is the definition of the word ‘intention’:

“A course of action that one intends to follow, an aim that guides action, an observable action, an objective. A quality of purposefulness.”

We all have desires, or wishes for our lives, and for our businesses, right? Well, have you made an intention to experience that desire? Are you going to be that type of person that really goes for what they want or someone who stays on the sidelines? Setting intentions, following through and being consistent and persistent are some of the ways to align with the Law of Attraction to experience what we want most for our lives and businesses. Below is a 4 step process to setting intentions and receiving into our lives what matters most to us.LOABC_post3

Step 1: Know what you want!
The universe nor anyone else can give you what you want unless you are clear and specific about what you want! C’mon, when is the last time you sat down with pen and paper for 15-20 minutes and wrote down what you really, really, really want?!!! Trust me it’s worth it; it’s more than worth it. That simple act alone, can change your vibration, which will change your allowing and open up possibilities you never dreamed of! Don’t forget: WRITE IT DOWN! This is very important, just like writing a business or marketing plan, we can have all the great ideas in the world but we need a place to plant the next seed — writing down is that place!

Step 2: Know the Feeling that you want!
OK, we know what we want now, right? Now, we have to determine what the feeling is that we hope to experience by receiving the ‘what’ in step 1. Is it Freedom, Stability, Success, Love, or Peace? We all want all sorts of different things in life: relationships, jobs, careers, new businesses, cars, homes, connection with the Source, travel, vacations, homes, experiences, etc. However, we want all of those things because of the FEELING that we think we will get to experience if we have that specific thing that we want. So, it makes perfect sense to connect more deeply with that Feeling. For example, if the feeling is Freedom, where else are you already experiencing Freedom in your life? Where have you experienced Freedom in the past? (And yes, it will help you manifest by writing all this down!) How might you experience Freedom in the future? See how this is helpful? You have already experienced Freedom, you are experiencing it right now in the present, and there are ways that you will experience it in the future!

Step 3: Believe it, See it, Feel GREAT about it!
Now you know what you want and you know the feeling that you are hoping to experience. Take some time to really picture Freedom in your mind’s eye. Michael Jordan did it, Einstein did it, Jesus did it, and so can you. See what you want in your mind, picture yourself experiencing Freedom, being happy and joyful, laughing, see who else you want to be with you as you experience it, visualize who you will tell about the experience, see where you will be, and what you will be doing, notice what are you wearing, what you can see, hear and smell in this space, really connect with this. Do this as much as possible, in the morning when you wake up, before you go to sleep so your subconscious can work on bringing this into your life. Have fun with it, and trust me it’s better than watching Jersey Shore on TV!

Step 4: Source favors the bold!
Take some inspired action. Trust that what you do will help lead you to where you want to be. Taking action, writing it down, making that phone call, sending that email, researching that subject, creating an outline of a plan, reading that book on the subject, googling it, WHATEVER, JUST DO IT!!!! Take the step, have faith, follow through, be persistent, trust your Self, be confident, be committed. Who else has done what you want to experience? Read about them, take a class, study them research them, rent the video. Remember, every action that we take towards our intention brings it closer to us, and the world and the universe will want to give it to us. Don’t wait, start today, as a matter of fact, stop EVERYTHING else and go for it like you have never gone for anything else before your life! Watch what happens, I am sure you will be happy you did.

Listen to Phil and I go into the whole subject of Intentions, Goals and what they can do for your life! All is Well, The Source is Good, All things are possible…..

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” ~ Les Brown

Success is yours to create, the power is within you!


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