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Below is a short letter that I wrote to the members of my Group Gratitude Program. (You didn’t hear about it? No worries! I know I had some podcast listeners saying they were sad they missed the enrollment. Although, its closed for now I promise to make the edited version available asap.)
I share it with you now because I’ve been extremely inspired after coming away from what at first glance seems like a a quick basic benefit from having a Gratitude Practice, but as I looked deeper, I came away with even more excitement about it!
Read this below and then look out for my next Podcast entitled: Gratitude Works FAST!
Hello Gratitude Group Peeps,
Hope you are feeling nourished by your Gratitude practice. Let me tell you a very quick story….
This morning I was bringing in the garbage cans after the garbage men did their job, in that moment I was inspired to do my gratitude practice. For the mean who pick up my garbage, for the fact that I have something to put in those cans, for my bodies ability to be able to bring them back to the side of the house, that i can walk, that I have a house to live in, that I have breath in my body that keeps me alive. I left that experience lifted WAY up. Inspired to meet the day with all I have. That whole experience lasted less than 1 minute but it changed the whole way I was feeling, my attitude, my expectations, and created positive possibilities that were not there just a few minutes before.
Tonight is the last recording of the Group Program, even if you can’t be there live, I urge you to listen and to catch up on the resources page if you haven’t gotten caught up yet. This work is life changing, and there is nothing that would make me happier than for it to change your life too.
Big Love,
PS – Thank you for all your feedback, it was my pleasure and I hope work with you again soon. If you are interested in coaching just respond to this email to let me know I’d be honored to work with you.

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