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I hope you enjoyed the quote above, you get it, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s true. If you do not follow through you get…..well, nothing.
I have a very simple process for getting things done, its called the 3 F’s:
1. Focus on what you want
2. Have Faith you will receive what you want.
3. Follow Through on what you want.
I relate this philosophy in another post on my digital marketing website you can see that here: Don’t Keep Putting It Off
Listen, life is simple. We make it complicated by worrying, thinking too much and not following through and then blaming others, making excuses and complaining about it. Stop doing that. Right now. Never ever do it again. I know, you’re thinking: “Matt, thats hard…yadayada” Yup, you are making excuses already. No. its not hard. It is what it is. Is what you want worth it? If so, follow through. Stop talking about it and start living it.
Living It,
PS: Have you read my book on Gratitude yet? I guarantee it will change your life if you do the practices outlined in the book. Check it out here:ย The Living Gratitude Book
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