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Yesterday, I was on the the Good Vibe Business Roundtable Call  led by Jeannette Maw, that we do every month. One the main discussions was one I have had a whole lot of experience working with my clients on: Comparing and Despairing.  There are lots of reasons why we do it, and I am not sure that any of them really matter much, however, what I do think matters is learning how not to do it. As Jeannette expertly explained, sometimes it has nothing to do with others its simply comparing ourselves to ‘not being good enough’ against whatever standard, level, etc that are wishing for.

OK enough of an intro, let’s do this. Below is a list of ideas, exercises and ways to get us focused in the right direction for our business, our lives and our personal evolution:

1. No matter what, why, when, etc…Focus on what YOU like, appreciate, are grateful for, want to experience.

2. When you wake up ask yourself this question: How can allow my greatest day?

3. Take a few moments every single day to remember who you a really are. Aren’t you more than your name, your status, your role as a wife, husband, business owner, etc. Who are you really? Feel that and let the truth of that highest idea of yourself lead your way.

4. Breathe. When we are not breathing fully and consciously we are disrupting and inhibiting all of our divine temple’s systems.

5. Relax. Allow ease into the body, into the mind, into the soul. Just for a moment allow complete ‘letting go’ in all your systems, I promise, you will be glad you did.

6. Keep the Faith. Hey, we all come up against doubt, however, if self doubt is ruling the day you, your business, your life will be going in the exact OPPOSITE direction you want it to. Find ways to bring your mind towards hope, belief, inspired action, and ultimately the deep knowing and faith that what you desire is already on its way. In fact its here, you just haven’t allowed the experience of it yet.

7. Remember, As Above, So Below. The inside, reveals on the outside. Your thoughts and feelings are your messages about what’s coming…if you don’t like it, change it. Reach for a better feeling thought. It’s always possible, it’s simply a choice we either do or don’t make.

8. Sometimes blessings are in disguise. Haven’t we all had that experience? We thought it was the worst ever and it turned out to be the best ever? Couldn’t that be the truth right now with the thing that you don’t like in your life or business?

9. Gestation Process. All things are born in their own time. Spring comes after winter, babies come in 9 months, aren’t they worth the wait?! Isn’t spring? Isn’t your business? Your dreams? Your relationship? Isn’t anything you want deeply worth your patience, cultivation, and faith?

10. Love. Love never goes wrong, true, real, unconditional, universal love always helps, always heals, always gives. When is the last time you gave your business the love it deserves? When is the last time you gave yourself the love YOU deserve?

I know this process works because I have done it, I have taught it, I am currently living the dream of it and its my deepest wish to share this truth with others. Thanks for reading.

Faithfully Yours,



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