Who Do You Love?

I have 2 questions for you: 1. Who do you Love? They are pretty important to you, because you love them, right? 2. What’s more important to you than those you love? For most of us, I believe its [...]

Do You Know What You Want?

  I love asking questions. Especially of my clients. It’s how I get to know you. As a coach, I don’t think it’s my job to tell people what to do all day. In fact, often I think the best job [...]

What If You Knew

What if you knew you were going to get everything you wanted?   What if you knew that you would receive everything you feel you deserve?   What if you knew FOR SURE you would get all [...]

The Time Is Now

It’s always now. That’s a true statement, is it not? Have you ever experienced anything, an argument, a kiss, a thought, a feeling, acquired a new customer, a miracle, a song, a [...]

Who Are You?!

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Who Am I? I don’t mean the labels of job, relationship, physical qualities, rich, poor, Buddhist, Jewish, black, white etc. I mean for this question to [...]

Letting Go …

There’s much to be said for ‘Letting Go’. Especially when we know it’s something we no longer need, or something that does not support our highest selves. Whether in business or life, [...]

Be Grateful…To Yourself

Last week I was sitting in meditation during the last few minutes of my Ashtangha yoga class (at Balance Yoga in Huntington, NY) listening to my teacher Stacy Plaske (who is A-mazing!) share the [...]